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More YouTube Videos are at the bottom of this page. 'Create Multi Windows USB Installer' YouTube video by Britec here.

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NEW! E2B v1.63 supports FreeBSD, GhostBSD and pfSense  
+ auto-suggests the best file extension to use.

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Easy! - How to add all your ISO files to an Easy2Boot USB drive:

  1. Copy your ISOs onto the E2B USB drive (e.g. using Windows Explorer or linux GUI) - no application required.
  2. Make all files contiguous (if required), e.g. using RMPrepUSB - Ctrl+F2 or WinContig or \Make_This_Drive_Contiguous.cmd or linux defragfs command.
  3. Boot to the E2B menu and select your ISO.
Click here for a list of over 200 ISOs and other payload files that work with Easy2Boot (including UEFI booting).
Small (<500MB) linux ISO files do not need to be made contiguous.
New Users! If you are new to Easy2Boot, watch the video at the top of the page, then use the Tabs at the top of this website. Start with the 'Make an E2B drive' page, then go to the 'Add Payload Files' page.

E2B wth LANG=SIMP_CHINESE set in \_ISO\MyE2B.cfg (also available: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish).

Check out my Easy2Boot blog articles here.

Easy2Boot is a FREE collection of grub4dos scripts which you add to a grub4dos-bootable USB drive. Each time you boot, the scripts automatically find the payload files (.ISO, .IMA, .BIN, .IMG, etc.) on the USB drive and dynamically generate the menus, depending on their file extension.

Read How Easy2Boot works (recommended if you want to get the best out of E2B).

  • Prepare an Easy2Boot USB drive using linux or Windows
  • Easy2Boot uses Open Source grub4dos utilities and plain-text scripts (E2B IS NOT A WINDOWS UTILITY)
  • Easy2Boot (E2B) supports both USB Flash and USB HDD drives (FAT32, NTFS, exFAT, ext2/3/4)
  • Fast! Just copy your ISO files onto the E2B USB drive (no application or file extraction needed)
  • Boot multiple linux ISOs each with separate persistence files
  • E2B supports multiple UEFI multi-booting of linux, Windows Installers, KonBoot, etc. from partition images (see YouTube video)
  • Boot  Windows, WinBuilder PE, MSDaRT, linux and many others directly from ISO files (in MBR/BIOS mode)
  • Add images of all your other bootable USB Flash drives to E2B (e.g. add images of USB drives made with Rufus, XBOOT, SARDU, YUMI, Live USB drives, etc.)
  • Boot multiple versions of the Hirens Boot CD with all features working (DOS, linux, MiniWindows)  + multiple HP Utilities and many others. 
  • Boot to 64-bit UEFI mode directly from MBR mode (YouTube video)
  • UEFI Secure Boot supported
  • Compatible with Zalman USB-HDD CD emulator (boot ISOs from the Zalman or boot to E2B menu)
  • English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and German language options (so far)

Click here for a list of tested ISOs and read the German Com! Magazine article here or Frett's German guide here or a series of French articles here or Russian article here.

Real comments from real users:

Easy2Boot is FREE! Please consider making a small donation, it would be much appreciated! 

No other USB MultiBoot solution can do all of this from the same USB drive!

  • Easy2Boot is a collection of grub4dos scripts which you copy to a grub4dos-bootable USB drive. No proprietary software - just open-source code (grub4dos, etc.) + plain text scripts. You can make a E2B drive using Windows or linux.
  • Extensive list of tested ISOs and payloads here - 99% of all linux ISOs will 'just work' by copying over the ISO file!
  • No limit to the number of different Linux, Windows Install, WinPE, etc. ISOs or other payload files
  • For most ISOs just 'Drag-and-Drop' - copy your ISO file directly onto your E2B USB drive (MBR\CSM booting only) and boot!
  • UEFI+CSM booting of Windows Installers and Linux LiveCD payloads via a partition image (and most other UEFI-enabled payloads too, such as KonBoot).
  • Can use a USB Hard disk with one or more partitions and still UEFI boot (even if they are all NTFS partitions) - no complex GPT partitions needed.
  • Boot almost ANY type of linux 'LiveCD' ISO - just copy it over! Unlike XBOOT or YUMI, you don't have to wait for Easy2Boot to be updated to support a new linux ISO distro - Easy2Boot is generic.
  • Boot to any UEFI 64-bit payload directly from the grub4dos menu without needing to reboot the system (via Clover).
  • UEFI boot to an NTFS partition (via Clover + first FAT32 ptn).
  • Supports Partition Image booting - make image files of any existing, bootable single-partition FAT32 or NTFS USB stick and add the files to E2B (e.g. add images of USB Flash drives made with YUMI, XBOOT, SARDU, WinSetupFromUSB, LiveUSB Creator, Rufus, USB Universal Installer, MSDaRT, Windows AIO installers, HP Utilities, etc.). Also supports dual partition images - e.g. FAT32 + NTFS.
  • Install Windows XP to a system from UNMODIFIED 32-bit XP install ISOs (any number of different ISOs) to a IDE\SATA\AHCI\RAID\SCSI system - no need to integrate special mass-storage or F6 drivers! Also works with Server 2003 ISOs (can be automated using answer file).
  • Install directly from any number of different Windows Vista/7/8/SVR2008R2/SVR2012/Win10 install ISO files (can be automated using an answer file).
  • Boot directly from linux LiveCD ISOs with persistence - you can have all these (and more) on one Easy2Boot drive and boot them all with persistence - YLMF, Ubuntu, Fedora, StartOS, Porteus, pclinuxos, Backtrack5, kali-linux, Mint ISOs and more. e.g. you can even boot from the same linux ISO but have 2 or more persistence files, one for each different user. Persistence files can be larger than 4GB (if you format the E2B drive as NTFS).
  • User configurable and fully documented - you can change the background wallpaper, headings and text colours, move the menu position, make your own sub-menus, make it beep when the menu loads, add your own GFXBoot menu, change menu font, use UTF-8 non-ASCII characters in the menus, define your own hotkeys, add your own language versions, etc. etc.
  • You can use FAT32 or NTFS (or with a few limitations, use an exFAT or ext2 formatted drive).
  • No need to re-partition or re-format your existing grub4dos USB drive (though I recommend you do for maximum compatibility with different systems).
  • Because Easy2Boot is not a 'utility', you can prepare an Easy2Boot drive under Windows or linux. Once prepared, just copy over (or delete) any ISOs you like, at any time in the future.
  • Variety of example 'skins'/themes included.
  • Compatible with FlashBoot (for booting old systems that have trouble booting from USB due to non-standard USB BIOS boot support).
  • Easy to update to the latest version - just overwrite the E2B files on your USB drive with the latest version.
  • Variety of languages available
  • Can boot some linux liveCD ISOs even if they are not contiguous
  • It's FREE! Though donations (however small), are much appreciated to support this site and my work.