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Windows 2000 Install ISOs

Windows 2000 Installation ISOs are not supported by E2B, however WinSetupFromUSB does support Win2K.
You will need to install the MPI ToolKit to your Windows office system first.
Note: The target system that you want to install Win2K to, must contain an IDE disk drive.
You can add Win2K to E2B as follows:
2. Format a spare USB drive as NTFS (e.g. using RMPrepUSB)
3. Mount the Win2K ISO as a virtual drive (e.g. using ImDisk) or extract the contents to a folder
4. Run WinSetupFromUSB and create a bootable USB Flash drive
5. Test that the bootable flash drive can now install Win2K - now we can 'clone' the USB drive...
6. Drag-and-Drop the USB Flash drive icon\letter in Windows Explorer to the MPI_NTFS Desktop icon - choose a filename of say C:\temp\Win2K.imgPTN).
7. When prompted - choose Y=Yes to combine menu.lst files
8. Copy the new Win2K.imgPTN file to your E2B USB drive (e.g. copy to \_ISO\MAINMENU or \_ISO\WIN).
Now you can boot to E2B and select the Win2K.imgPTN file.
Then choose the Windows XP/2000/2003 Setup menu entry...


Stop error 0x00000007B Inaccesible Boot Device - Do not use the ISO on an E2B drive - instead create a WinSetupFromUSB flash drive. Then make a .imgPTN file as described above.
usbohci.sys could not be found - see here

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