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New MPI_Clover_Tool_Pack_002

16/05/2014 23:07
Now you can 'switch' to a Windows 64-bit partition image from the Easy2Boot menu and then immediately boot to it in UEFI mode - no need to reboot! See my blog here for details.

Are you multi-lingual

11/05/2014 11:12
You can change E2B to display text in a different language. See here for instructions. If you have modified E2B to display the text/headings, etc. in your own language, please send me the changes. Zip up these new files and send me them and I will add them to this site as an optional download...

v1.38 released and new UEFI YouTube video

10/05/2014 21:38
See my other blog here.

E2B v1.36 and MPI Tool Pack 026 now available

27/04/2014 13:19
For details, see my blogspot blog.

Easy2Boot v1.35 added

26/04/2014 00:17
Previous versions of Easy2Boot allowed you to set a master password in the MyE2B.cfg file. Unless you knew the password, you could not get to the E2B menu. However, this password was also requested whenever a Fastload cache refresh was done or the main menu was reloaded. This has now been changed...

MPI Tool Pack v0.025

24/04/2014 20:08
I have been testing odd cases of user input, bad paths, etc. and found a few issue which I have (hopefully) fixed in 0.025. Please let me know if you find any problems. The Convert_all_ISOs_to_imgPTN_Files (run as Admin).cmd script has been improved. You can now almost fully automatically...

Typo bug in MPI 0.016 caused lots of text to appear on screen - please update to latest version!

18/04/2014 18:38

Adding YUMI, XBOOT, etc. as images

18/04/2014 15:36
Today I tested making and adding other multiboot USB Flash drive images to my E2B USB Hard Disk. I have now made new images of different USB Flash pens that were made using the following programs, and added them to my E2B drive: YUMI PenDriveLinux Universal USB Installer XBOOT (make using...

Easy2Boot v1.33 and MakePartImage

15/04/2014 23:00
Easy2Boot v1.33 is a small update to v1.32 for .imgPTN image files. The MakePartImage (MPI) cmd script is almost finished and is pretty robust now (v0.010 at the time of writing this blog).  I would encourage anyone who wants to add UEFI booting (or Win7/8 Installs from a hard disk without...

E2B MPI Beta 01 Update Pack available (to limited users)

13/04/2014 00:23
The MPI_UpdatePack_BETA file is now available on the Alternate link in the Downloads page. This can be added to E2B v1.31 or 1.32TEST versions so that your E2B drive can boot any number of UEFI images. See blog for details. Instructions are already on the site. In fact, the only...

E2B v1.32 coming soon!

08/04/2014 17:03
E2B v1.32 supports UEFI booting of FAT32 images. see blog for details. Unattended XP installation from an XP ISO (not using WinPE but Step1/Step 2 method). Ability to autorun your own .cmd file after installation. Ability to add new XP 32-bit Mass Storage Driver packs to replace the current...

v1.31 released

29/03/2014 20:37
E2B Version 1.31 has now been available for a few days and I have had no bugs reported so far. Bug fixing on grub4dos v0.4.6a has been going well thanks to the developers. 0.4.6a supports Joliet ISOs (+ a recent bug fix). This means we can map and access files in Joliet ISOs (such as most...

Easy2Boot 1.30c TEST version available

18/03/2014 19:27
Small changes only from 1.30b If 'bad' iso selected, should now not need to reboot to get a working menu back. USB devices message now visible after loading new grub4dos USB driver Use the Alternative Link icon on the Downloads page to get it. grub4dos 0.4.6a is still experimental (hence the...

This site is too popular!

12/03/2014 11:25
I registered this new site as with webnode in early March. It had an initial content download monthly bandwidth allowance of 3GB. This was exceeded within 2 days so I upgraded to a 20GB/month contract. This was exceeded the next day, so I upgraded to 100GB per month. This was exceeded...

E2B v.1.30 coming soon!

06/03/2014 19:52
New file extension .isopup supported for booting Puppy linux ISOs (no persistence) E2B can now be in a Logical partition on the USB boot drive grub4dos 0.4.6 with USB driver menu option in Main menu Option in MyE2B.cfg to use grub4dos 04.6 and it's own USB drivers on start-up - fix...

First blog

07/10/2013 19:22
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