Configure the QRUN 'Auto-Suggest' feature

If you place a .iso file in a menu folder - e.g. \_ISO\MAINMENU\Ubuntu.iso, then when you run the menu entry, E2B may suggest an alternative file extension which, based on the file name, E2B might think is more suitable. E2B may also suggest an alternative file extension for some other types of payload file (e.g. FreeBSD or haiku images).

              Y=use suggested extension, N=use original extension, I=use .ISOASK, A=Abort
This is the QRUN 'Auto-Suggest' feature in E2B v1.63+ when an ordinary .iso file is selected

            Y=use suggested extension, N=use original extension, I=use .ISOASK, A=Abort
Auto-Suggest feature when a Hirens ISO is selected.
If the user presses Y within a few seconds and then the [ENTER] key, E2B will run the payload file with the suggested alternative file extension instead of the current file extension. If you press the Space Bar, then the 5 second timeout will stop (to allow you more time to read the text).
There are several ways to suppress the 'auto-suggest' feature:
  1. Use the suggested file extension, e.g. .isoPE (if it works as required)
  2. If the file has a .iso file extension, use a file extension of .isodefault (or .isodef) instead of .iso. Tip: If it is a 64-bit ISO, use .isodefault64 so it is not listed on 32-bit systems.
  3. If the redir variable is set in the \_ISO\MyE2B.cfg file the user will not be prompted about .iso files (but may be prompted about other file types)
  4. Use set NOSUG=1 in the \_ISO\MyE2B.cfg file (suppresses warnings, advice and best extension to use - NOT RECOMMENDED!).
  5. If the redirp variable is also set in the \_ISO\MyE2B.cfg file, the user will never be prompted with an alternate file extension and many other messages are also suppressed (no matter what the file extension is) - NOT RECOMMENDED!
Note that setting redir removes many non-essential, informational messages. If you also set redirp, then many other, more important messages are also suppressed.