Write text to the menu display area

E2B v1.97A+ and grub4dos 0.4.6a 2017-12-23 and later

See this blog post for an example of how to add random jokes to your menu.

You can add up to 16 setmenu --string commands to write text anywhere onto the grub4dos menu display.
Add the following lines to your \_ISO\MyE2B.cfg file for each string you want to write:
#                        x    y    colour       "text to display"
setmenu --string=66=15=0xFFFF00="STRING1 ångström at 66,15"
If you save the file as UTF-8, you can include non-ASCII characters within the double-quotes.
You can also specify standard ASCII characters using their hexedecimal value - e.g. \x03 or their unicode value, e.g. \X00C4 for Ä (note use lower case x for ASCII and upper-case X for 4-character hex unicode values).

# display ångström
setmenu --string=66=15=0xFFFF00="\X212Bngstr\X00F6m"           

Up to 16 --string commands are cached\remembered and will be displayed on all menus.

You can clear the --string cache of all previous string commands using setmenu --string=

Note: When you reload the main menu (using F8 in the Main Menu), E2B will clear all strings before MyE2B.cfg is loaded and run.


Using --string in multiple menus

If you wish to use --string commands on different menus, e.g. in \_ISO\LINUX\$$$$CONFIG\linux.mnu and \_ISO\BACKUP\$$$$CONFIG\backup.mnu, etc. in order to write different strings to different menus, you must delete all previous strings first, e.g.


# clear strings buffer because only 16 allowed
setmenu --string=
# write string commands to string command buffer
setmenu --string=66=15=0xFFFF00="\X212Bngstr\X00F6m"  
setmenu --string=66=16=0xFFFF00="Hello!"  
setmenu --string=66=17=0xFFFF00="How are you"  

This is because you can only use a maximum of 16 string commands.