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Then please contact me and I will try to get it working for you.

Please do not contact me about a download having a virus unless you are very sure it really does! 
No E2B version has ever contained a virus! If it was infected, then 100,000 people would be complaining!

But before you contact me, please use the FAQ sub-pages, Site Map and  Search site box first - everything you need should be on this site!

  • A list of tested payload files with tips/instructions (including payloads that are known not to work) is here.
  • Lots of blog posts with more details on various Easy2Boot methods and payloads here.
  • New! E2B eBooks now available (complete course on making a multiboot USB drive)!
  • Tip: Try making a bootable USB Flash drive using Rufus. If it works, you can use the MPI ToolKit to make a .imgPTN file from the USB drive and add the image to your E2B USB drive. Please let me know if Rufus works but E2B does not.

Please test with the latest Beta version of E2B and MakePartImage before reporting a problem. The latest Beta may contain bug-fixes.

You can use the form below to email me (Steve Si) or click on the Chat icon >>>> if you see it on the website (enable pop-ups in your browser).


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Easy2Boot is free (i.e. donationware) but this site is not free and Easy2Boot did not write itself! I have put a lot of hours of work into developing and testing Easy2Boot and maintaining this site. If you are using Easy2Boot, please consider making a donation to help towards site costs. This site is now so popular and gets so much download traffic that it costs me £200 per year in bandwidth charges alone! In return, I will send you links to a much cleaner and faster-loading version of the Easy2Boot and RMPrepUSB site pages with much fewer adverts!

PLEASE READ THE FAQ, TESTING, and ERRORS pages and use the Site Map and Search Box BEFORE you contact me - the answers are probably already on this site somewhere!

Also look in the \_ISO\docs\Sample mnu files folder for examples of menu files for many special payloads or functions.

Note: You will see 'Thank you. Your message has been emailed to me.' when your message has been sent successfully.

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Please give as much detail as possible!

I get many emails every day about RMPrepUSB, USB booting, Easy2Boot, my various blogs and the 140+ Tutorials I have written - so please explain the problem clearly and tell me how I can reproduce the issue.
Include a step-by-step description. Also, don't assume I can remember what you told me a month ago! Don't just say 'I followed the instructions' without detailing exactly which instructions you followed! Easy2Boot works for many thousands of people all over the world - so it is highly likely that there is something 'different' about your equipment, payload file or your procedures - so please describe your equipment and methods and observations accurately so we can figure out a solution as quickly as possible.