Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 09/03/2016

By thailand_guy

Subject Grub4dos dd command

Hi Steve,
You're grub4dos master while i'm new with grub4dos. Please forgive me if my question is a stupid question. Tks

With dd command

dd if=(hd0)30+1 of=(hd0,0)/MBR.BIN
dd if=(hd0)60+1 of=(hd0,0)/MBR.BIN
these command backup grub4dos MBR.
So my question is: grub4dos always locate at (hd0)30 and (hd0)60 ?? Can you explain what (hd0)30 vs 60 mean?

And to backup current PBR, we use

if=()+1 of=()/PBR.BIN

so my question is how can I backup PBR at partition 2?

and some other "special" parameter such as skip= seek= bs= count=