Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 26/03/2016

By BilBg

Subject Re(4): Bug report - Robocopy 5.1.2600.26 for XP do Not support /MT:1 switch

In old unused installation of original Vista 32-bit (no SP1) I found Robocopy.exe in the usual place (\Windows\System32\)

It can't start on Windows XP ("Robocopy.exe is not a valid Win32 application.") to use /? but Unicode strings are visible inside the Robocopy.exe (using Total Commander - F3 View)

It also don't have /MT switch
(I don't know how it is on Vista SP1, SP2)

The Properties of the two files (all is Copy/Paste):

XP file:

ROBOCOPY.EXE 212992 22.11.2005 06:14
1bf6e85078ca54fed534afdb436b2ecc *ROBOCOPY.EXE
File version: 5.1.2600.26
Product Version: XP026
Copyright 1995-2005

Vista file:

Robocopy.exe 87040 02.11.2006 11:45
f7a0790ebc72bd740137fa0c12aaf79f *Robocopy.exe
File version:
Product Version: XP027
Copyright 1995-2004