Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 07/04/2016

By BilBg

Subject Suggestion: add Option to clear/empty keyboard buffer before showing MAIN MENU?

I'm afraid I annoy you by too many posts/suggestions...
Your package is best that can be found, that's why I'm here and not on other site.

(I know about 7-8 programs that make bootable USB drives (I tested only the old XBOOT)
I don't like those that can put only one "thing" on the USB (and waste the entire drive for e.g. 100MB)
I don't like those that extract files because: 1) to copy 100s of small files to an old slow USB flash is just ... very slow; 2) extracted ISO usually prevents using several versions of the "same" ISO)
So, if you are still not (very) annoyed:
Suggestion: add Option to clear/empty keyboard buffer before showing the MAIN MENU
(or do we already have that Option?)
Maybe only when the MAIN MENU is first shown?

What happened: during an experiment with Animated_BritneyLZMA I "accidentally" hit [Enter] several times and that sequence was executed (one of the ISO started) after showing the MAIN MENU
I start the Animated_BritneyLZMA from my real MyE2B.cfg by:
call /_ISO/docs/BritneyLZMA/BritneyLZMA2.cfg
set GMODE=800

Since this was running very slow on QEMU I attempted to cancel it (sorry, I didn't read the code in detail) by [Esc] [Space] [Enter]

in QEMU (I still don't find a time to try VirtualBox + VMUB despite I Downloaded them a week ago):
Can the Animate be cancelled/skipped?
Can the picture be centred (it is in top-left for me)?
I see yellow vertical line of 1-2 pixels wide at the right of the small pictures (like big text cursor?), is this supposed to happen?