Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 19/04/2016

By torrvic

Subject Re: Re: error 13 for ancient Linux

Yes, it is installed system running Linux. Partitions: "/boot", "/" and "swap".
I made ISO-image by command "mkisofs" from "/dev/hdb1" (/boot).
I looked in image by command "od -x rh24boot.iso | more" and saw: first 512 bytes are not zeroes.
(But in DD-image they are zeroes.)

I tried make my own MBR:
1). copy first 512 bytes of "/dev/hdb" (not "/dev/hdb1" !)
2). combined MBR: 446 bytes from Linux (loader) and Partiton Tables from Windows where I have

I have the same results: error 13.

May be I understand wrong, (please tell me about it), but I think:
old BIOS-es did not have interruption for reading from USB-devices, due of that old kernels
did not have calls to it,
old kernels (at the first stage of booting) call only BIOS-interruption for reading from
hard disk, therefore they can not mount partitions, can not do anything with USB-device.

I think "easy2boot" makes this job instead Linux-kernel. If I am wrong?