Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 04/05/2016

By SteveSi

Subject Re: Unable to boot sedutil *.img images

Something odd is going on when 7zip upacks the images. When you use the rescue.img file with MPI_FAT32 you get a 0.img file inside the .imgPTN file instead of it extracting the files!
However, if you copy this 0.img file and place it on the E2B partition at \_ISO\LINUX (for instance) it boots fine!
Its a similar story with the EFI DEBUG file - for this, just extract the contents to an empty folder and then drag and drop the folder onto the MPI_FAT32 shortcut. Then you can boot the .imgPTN file (but it doesn't seem to like booting with Clover - you must UEFI-boot from a UEFI system).