Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 04/05/2016

By Starla

Subject Boot XP VHD from bootmgr blog post (cont).

Ok Steve I've been reviewing the latest English release by SS and the following procedure is used to boot provided ISO/IMG files from DOS bootmgr. Sadly I haven't yet a XP VHD for a quick test. Would you be so kind to confirm it's able to boot yours?

1. Copy your grldr file of choice (ie the one provided at E2B root) to the folder containing your XP VHD file.
2. Rename grldr to payload.mbr (ie Fullxpvhd.mbr).
3. Run BOOTICE>Utilities>Grub4DOS Menu Editor and open Fullxpvhd.mbr.
4. Replace displayed default embedded menu.lst with the commands on your blog post and save changes.
5. BOOTICE>BCD>Other BCD and select your BCD. I use Professional Mode for editing.
6. Right-click any entry under "Application objects" and select "New RealMode Entry".
7. Select the created entry, then on the main panel, right-click "Aplication path", select "Edit" and point to Fullxpvhd.mbr file. You can also edit the "Description" value.

That should work: bootmgr>Fullxpvhd.mbr>ntldr within XP VHD file.