Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 17/05/2016

By Kent

Subject RestoreE2B alert ?

E2B is the best !
One little suggestion for us beginners about rebuilding an E2B flash drive though . . .
I started out just making an .imgPTN of Gandalf, dropped it into ISO\MAINMENU and the thing booted right off, no problem.

But when I went back to add another .iso, there was no ISO directory to be found because of the repartitioning from booting into an .imgPTN and I was a bit confused.

It took me a while to figure out I would have to run the "RestoreE2B" to get the expected partitions back. Up until then I was starting to think I'd have to rebuild the E2B drive each time I added something new.
Maybe I missed it but you might want to put an alert in there for us beginners.

Nonetheless, thanks a million for all your efforts developing this - it's really cool and I'm looking forward to experimenting and playing around with it.