Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 26/05/2016

By Berthollucci

Subject Windows 7 Install Now, contains all other available versions, menu was slow to load

Hi Steve. Please these questions and experience.

1). I tried Install Windows 7, Easy2Boot displays various commands inbox, but, ┬┐Is it normal that E2B does not display the "Windows 7 Install Now" window?:

2). Is it normal that E2B displays all other available versions of Windows 7? They are not hidden from view.
Does E2B ignore the ei.cfg file inside ISO?

3). I experienced the trouble that E2B takes a long time to display the Main Menu.
I fixed Load Optimized Defaults from BIOS. Still it works.
Mobo: MSI 760GM-P34 (FX), AMI BIOS version 2013-04-28.