Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 13/06/2016

By Palteza

Subject Mastering E2B

Hey guys,

1st thanks for your great tools.

I've been trying for almost 3 hours now, i swear you, but i can't build that multiboot usb.

Tried the standard iso way, tried the conversion to .imgPTN also ... with NTFS or FAT32 (the drive and the files).
My BIOS can even handle both UEFI and legacy mode, i switched couple of times ... but i always fail, i must be noob.
I also checked /EFI/BOOT stuff.

Does the problem could be because i have multi os on my drive (seven and 8.1)? The default one is Windows 7 x64.
It's GPT NTFS formating.

It never wants to boot on this USB key.

Am i really that noob ?
Maybe I missed a useful link ???