Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 28/01/2019

By JamieB

Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: Booting Windows ISOs

Sorry but the explaination arounf this "IMPORTANT EI.CFG file", is very hard to understand what the process is (when reading the docs and the forum)
I understand that different ISO will need a different key and may require this file or not.
But if you could provide a typical example like
DL the 32/64bit win10 ISO from buy a Product Key (5x5)
create .imgPTN file choose R for retail.
...and this is the part I do not understand...
when installing Win10 installer will not ask for your Product Key because you chose "R", You will have to activate Win10 after installation, using your Product Key???

I have tons more questions, but slowly finding answers. Complicated Subject!!! You seem to have nailed it though!