Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 28/01/2019

By SteveSi

Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Booting Windows ISOs

Can you point to the exact piece of text that you are referring too please.
Adding\replacing the EI.cfg file allows the user to manually choose from the list of available Editions. For instance a Windows 10 Pro x64 DVD will automatically install Pro but it actually contains many more Editions (Home, Pro, etc.). If you change\add an EI.cfg file, the user is presented with the full list of all Editions it contains.
The Product Key that you set in the XML file will override the EI.cfg file so the EI.cfg file is ignored - the Product Key in the XML file will determine which Edition is installed.
If you use a Generic Installation Product key in the XML file then it will not activate because the Key is only to allow installation NOT activation. So if you use a Generic Installation Key then you must later type in a key that will activate.
Full details and Exercises are detailed in my Windows eBook.