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It takes me a great deal of time  (which luckily I have, as I was made redundant a while ago!) and a lot of effort, to test and improve E2B, so a donation would be very much appreciated to help towards the cost of this site (+bandwidth charges!) and to buy the equipment required to test and further develop E2B. For instance, if an issue is reported when using a certain system or drive, I will sometimes buy the same system/notebook from eBay, etc. so I can test, reproduce and fix the issue.

If you were thinking of buying an ISOStick or a Zalman or IODD drive caddy or maybe ten USB flash drives instead of just one, Easy2Boot has probably saved you a lot of time and money! 

If you regularly use E2B in your business or your work place, then please make a donation. If you buy an eBook you can pay any amount you like above the minimum price and you can also get an invoice for the eBook which you can then pass on to your accounts department.


To make a BitCoin donation please use the bitcoin address 1Npg7hmYrqaNVYxoLDPEa7WDJ3YgAiM6yq

This site uses Ezoic to re-format the pages and they also insert lots of extra advertisements (as I only get few donations). The original site looks very different - see the Forum page for an example of the original site layout! Anyone who donates £5 (approx. $7) or more, will be emailed URL links which allows you to view the original easy2boot and rmprepusb sites which contain fewer adverts and a much cleaner page layout.
If you don't feel like donating, then you can support my work by disabling your Ad-blocker for this site so that you can see the Ads and perhaps use the Amazon ad links to do your Amazon shopping ;-).
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XMLtoE2B.exe utility - quickly makes fully-automated unattended.xml files for use with Windows Installer ISOs on E2B. Free licence on request when you donate £10 or more.
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