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E2B is free (donationware)
 New! E2B 120-page eB ook now available as a PDF (complete course on making a multiboot USB drive)!
It takes me a great deal of time  (which luckily I have, as I was made redundant a while ago!) and a lot of effort to test and improve E2B, so a donation would be very much appreciated to help towards the cost of this site (+bandwidth charges!) and to buy the equipment required to test and further develop E2B. For instance, if an issue is reported when using a certain system or drive, I will sometimes buy the same system/notebook so I can test, reproduce and fix the issue.
If you were thinking of buying an ISOStick or a Zalman or IODD drive caddy or maybe ten USB flash drives instead of just one, Easy2Boot has probably saved you a lot of time and money!
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This site uses Ezoic to re-format the pages and they also insert lots of extra advertisements (as I only get few donations). The original site looks very different - see the Forum page!
Anyone who donates £5 (approx. $7) or more, will be emailed URL links which allows you to view the original easy2boot and rmprepusb sites which contain fewer adverts and a much cleaner page layout.
If you don't feel like donating, then you can support my work by disabling your Ad-blocker for this site so that you can see the Ads.
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XMLtoE2B.exe utility - quickly makes fully-automated unattended.xml files for use with Windows Installer ISOs on E2B. Free licence on request if you donate £10 or more.
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