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About the Downloads

Unless you have poor download speeds, I recommend using the E2B+Windows XP Mass Storage Drivers (DPMS) version.  If you don't ever want to install XP, then you can use the smaller non-DPMS version.

Please watch the YouTube videos to see how to make a USB drive and use E2B.


  • To make a new E2B USB drive,  extract the download file to an empty folder and run the
    \MAKE_E2B_USB_DRIVE (run as admin).cmd Windows batch file.
    Linux users - read this page.
  • To update your E2B USB drive, extract the non-DPMS download file to an empty folder and then run the
    \UPDATE_E2B_DRIVE.cmd Windows batch file or under linux use cp -u.

The instructions and documentation on this site will always relate to the latest (sometimes Beta) version. If you use any of the 'special' features of E2B or have a problem, please update your E2B USB drive with the very latest version from the Alternate Download Area.

Keep up-to-date by visiting my blog here (or subscribe) for the latest features, improvements, bug-fixes, hints and tips (+ loads of 'How to' articles).



To make an E2B USB drive you will need Download 1 or Download 2 but not both. Downloads in .zip form are available from the Alternate Download Areas.

  1. Download E 2 B +D PMS v1.80 (22MB) - includes Windows XP 32-bit Driver Pack for Mass Storage (DPMS) for installing XP to SATA\RAID\SCSI systems - Recommended if installing XP from ISO files.
    ---- OR ----
  2. Download E 2B v1.80 (10MB) - Does not include the Windows XP 32-bit Mass Storage Drivers (XP installs on IDE systems only). 
    This version can also be used to update any E2B or E2B+DPMS USB drive.

    Note: When extracted, the Easy2Boot download includes an empty 500MB \_ISO\CONTIG.ISO file. If you are short of space on your USB drive, this file can be deleted. It is only used if your payload files are not contiguous.
  1. Download MPI Tool Pack (MakePartImage) - [Windows] Used to make .imgPTN files (used for MBR- and UEFI-booting of Windows AIO ISOs, Hirens ISOs, linux, MSDaRT, etc.). Also useful if you are using a USB HDD instead of a USB Flash drive.

    E2B supports UEFI multi-booting of UEFI-bootable linux, Windows and many others by booting from partition images. To create these partition images, you will need to download the Windows 'MPI Tool Pack' which includes the Windows MakePartImage script. Once you have created your .imgPTN image files directly from ISOs or existing USB drives, just copy the image files to an Easy2Boot standard menu folder (e.g. _ISO\MAINMENU or \_ISO\AUTO or \_ISO\LINUX, etc.).

  2. RMPrepUSB - Very useful Windows utility for anything to do with bootable USB drives (not required for E2B, but recommended).

Having trouble with the download links or want the latest version? Try the Alternate Download Area links below.

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False Virus Alerts (e.g. Trend Micro AV)!

Easy2Boot does not contain any viruses, adware, malware or 'pups' (see or check here) - you may get a virus warning for the autorun.inf file in E2B, but this file does not run any program and is just used to show an E2B icon in Explorer. Good AV programs will not give false positives.


Alternate Download Areas and Archives

Google Drive download area

OneDrive downl  oad area

Virus Detected or Malicious File warnings!

The Google Chrome browser may report that a file is infected or malicious when you try to download it - this is a false report. The same files, if compressed in a slightly different way using 7Zip or if downloaded from Google Drive instead of One Drive, do not report any problem! Chrome and Google Drive seem to falsely detect some files as malicious.
Also note that certain AV software such as TrendMicro AV or Dr. Web may also report issues with some downloads, but these are false positives.
You can submit the download to www.virustotal.com and check it using a wide range of AV scanners - good AV scanners such as Avira, Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, McAfee, Symantec, Sophos, etc. should not report a problem with the download.