'Getting started with Easy2Boot' (eBook)

If you want to follow a course + exercises on how to make a multiboot USB drive, I have written a 130+ page eBook (in PDF format) which you can obtain here.
The eBook contains lots of information, hints and tips about USB booting which you should find useful, even if you don't use E2B very much. It is based on many years of experience of using bootable USB drives on a wide variety of systems and the guide includes important details of common BIOS bugs which you may encounter and how to work around them.
P.S. Revision 2 of this guide is now available. If you previously purchased Revision 1, you can use the same download link that was sent to you in the original email to download Revision 2 for free. Any future revisions will be free too. If you require an ePub version for an eBook Reader device, please contact me after purchasing the PDF version.

How to make a multiboot USB drive using Easy2Boot by Steve Si

This book takes the form of a course with Exercises. As you read each chapter (with illustrations) you will build and configure your own E2B multiboot USB drive.

In many cases you just copy over the ISO file that you want to use and the USB drive is ready to use.

Using your USB drive, you will be able to directly boot from 100's of different linux ISOs (many support persistence), boot to different Windows Install ISOs, boot from floppy disk image files, boot to multiple WindowsToGo OS's and much more!

You will learn how to add a variety of ISO files, .VHD files, .WIM files, .IMA and many other types of payload to your E2B USB drive.

As well as the standard IBM-compatible Legacy BIOS booting, you will also learn how to UEFI-boot from multiple payloads (including multiple Secure UEFI booting).

Easy2Boot supports over 300 different types of bootable payloads.

The 40+ Exercises include: DOS games, HDDGuru, AVG Rescue, Dr. Web CureIt Live CD, Hirens 15.2, gparted, Q4OS, AOSS, Eset AV, Strelec MiniWindows, Ubuntu, Cub linux, Puppy linux, Windows 10 install, MemTest86, CloneZilla, Paul Vreeland's AIO-SRT, Bob Omb's WinPE, DLC Boot, Windows 10 install with UEFI, Gandalf's WinPE + PortableApps, Porteus, Windows XP install and WindowsToGo, configuring E2B, add a DNA animation to the menu, fully automated install from a Windows 10 ISO with apps and drivers using SDI_CHOCO.