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E2B is very versatile but does require some knowledge if you want to use it to it's maximum potential.
I strongly suggest you explore the pages available on this site first - you can use the site map.
If you want to know how to UEFI-boot some payloads, you should read the 'UEFI Things to know' page.
Also, please take the time to watch the videos on YouTube (over 10 available from me + many from other users, some are not in English).
If you have a question or a problem, you should search the FAQ and Troubleshooting pages (over 100 FAQs + error messages, diagnostics, hints and tips, etc.).

Instructions in other languages

Unofficial Russian docs (русский) here .
Frettt's German guide here
Series of French articles here and here
Russian article here.
Arabic damasgate
Vietnamese (with unofficial install utility)

Getting started

Don't use a cheap, slow USB 2.0 drive! I recommend a fast USB 3.0 USB flash drive like this one.
If you want to know how to add a certain ISO or payload to E2B, your first step should be to find it on the 'List of tested ISOs' page.
Note that the same ISO/payload/software may be listed in more than one place.
If no special instructions or links are given, then the ISO/payload should 'just work' if you copy it to a normal menu folder on the E2B USB drive.
For most payloads you will need to run \MAKE_THIS_DRIVE_CONTIGUOUS.cmd too.
If your USB drive does not seem to boot on a real system, check it boots by running \QEMU_MENU_TEST (run as admin).cmd from the USB drive (it should at least boot to the E2B Main menu). If it does not boot to the Main menu, you have done something wrong! If it does boot, then the problem is with your system's BIOS/firmware settings - refer to the FAQ and Troubleshooting pages. QEMU is a 32-bit emulator and should boot 32-bit ISOs too!


On my RMPrepUSB and E2B blog, you can find many Tutorials and How To's on E2B.

Testing with VirtualBox

You can directly boot from USB if you use Virtual Machine USB Boot. Tutorial here.
I use VBox+VMUB all the time. You must use VMUB with VBox because it will disconnect the USB drive from Windows first - otherwise you will encounter errors and other strange problems under VBox. You can MBR and UEFI boot from a USB drive on both 32-bit and 64-bit Virtual Machines.
Note that under a Virtual Machine, the USB drive will appear to an OS as a hard disk and not as a USB drive!

E2B and grub4dos

If you want to know more about grub 4dos or have special requirements or seek more knowledge, try my RM PrepUSB site. You can even find a few E2B Tutorials on there too!

Are you still stuck?

Use the Contact Me page and I will try to help, or you can ask in the Forum or on reboot.pro.

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