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E2B 1.63 Beta 3 now supports FreeBSD and pfSense memstick images

08/03/2015 14:36
After a LOT of work, I finally got these distros to boot from an E2B USB drive. See FreeBSD page for how to do it and also the blog page here for more details.

E2B v1.63 Beta 2 available with auto-suggest feature!

28/02/2015 15:05
This will suggest a better, alternative file extension if it thinks that .ISO may not work correctly. You can accept the suggested alternative and it will run the .ISO file as if it had the suggested alternative file extension (or run it as .ISO). Also I have added latest grub4dos 0.4.6a which has...

E2B v1.62 released!

19/02/2015 09:12
See Blog post for details of changes.

E2B v1.62 Beta F now supports booting from Haiku images

08/02/2015 12:51
Hi The latest E2B v1.62Beta F now supports directly booting from Haiku anyboot images. For more details see my blog entry here.

Suggest an E2B video

05/02/2015 11:37
If you want me to make a video about a certain E2B-related topic, just ask!

E2B v1.62BetaA now has True partition Hide\Unhide

17/01/2015 13:18
The new v1.62 Beta A version now supports true hiding and unhiding of FAT16/FAT32/exFAT/NTFS partitions so that they are not accessible to Windows until unhidden, but they are still accessible to grub4dos (and the files inside). For more info see here. It also includes the lates tversion of...

Add Mac OS X Yosemite Installer to your E2B drive

20/12/2014 20:10
See for details.

v1.62 released

07/12/2014 13:05
See blog here for more details.

E2B 1.60 Released

04/11/2014 18:22
If trying the v1.60 - please read the blog entry here first. See here for changes. Otherwise you will get multiple Main menu entries!

Ebola donation

04/11/2014 15:54
With thoughts for the terrible suffering of all the ebola victims in Africa and their families and friends, I have now given the E2B site donations from last month (October 2014) to the DEC ebola fund. Thank you to anyone who had donated to this site last month -  I hope you will feel that...