Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 17/10/2016

By zhuanglee

Subject win 7 pe.wi kas iso boot

Hi sir,
Sorry for my poor english.
I have latest version of e2b.
Recently i add win7pe.wim but getting winload.exe missing error. Try with almost wim and no luck. I have bootmgr on root of hdd partition. (format as fat32).
Also i want to know if i can add kas.iso to e2b, because my usb hdd has more than 2 partitions so partnew method cannot get to work.
I know that we can extract kas to rescue folder but i do not want to use this method (may not safe to extract since kas is antivirus rescue)
Try iso boot with some code from rmprep site too, but no luck.
Finally tks for your greate project.
God bless u :)