Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 21/10/2016

By Crave

Subject Unable to launch the setup application

Hello, Sir,

I found a problem while trying to install Windows 7 and 8. Both of them are AIO x84/x64 activated ISO files . When i pick which system type to install, i see Windows logo and then a blue screen with an error: "Unable to launch the setup application". I tried all of the methods to somehow fix it, (renaming iso to isope, rewriting the program, editing autounattend.xml) except converting iso to imgptn. I also tried to find something about this problem on e2b forums and pretty much on the whole e2b site, but unfortunately, it's not even listed in the list of errors. For example, Windows 10 works fine, without any problems at all. I really like this program and i don't really want to change it if it has such malfunctions.

Thank you in advance for the help.