Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 24/09/2018

By James Pelt

Subject Results from ISO conversion to imgPTN

When I drop an iso onto the MPI_xx desktop icons, everything goes just fine, but just before it all wraps up I see a series of comments regarding the imgPTN file (below) is this anything I should follow up on? Do I need to make these changes within the resulting image file?

INFORMATION: LABEL occurs in .LST files
INFORMATION: 'boot=' occurs in .CFG files

UUID should use 74AAC0F4AAC0B3C0
LABEL should use EASY2BOOT
'media=cdrom' should be 'media=usb'

If it matters, the ISO is Kaspersky Rescue Disk 2018.
Thank you by the way, the software is great, but your support is amazing.