Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 26/09/2018

By SteveSi

Subject Re: Re: Re: Booting on GPT systems

You can MBR or UEFI boot from the same .imgPTN file - the ISO is not required if you use .imgPTN files.

The problem with other multiboot solutions is that some systems (Fujitsu LifeBook, Samsung, Acer and probably others too) refuse to MBR boot if an EFI boot file is present on a FAT partition. This means, that on these systems, they will not boot via MBR to MBR payloads such as Hirens, many linux OS's, DOS, Mini XP, etc. because they will *always* UEFI boot instead.
UEFI requires a FAT partition to be on the drive and many other products just use a FAT32 USB drive which limits the file size to 4GB per file.
You can try the E2B grub2 menu system, or other products such as YUMI UEFI Beta version, SARDU, WinSetupFromUSB (for Windows UEFI) or multisystem.
I am afraid there is no good universal solution because of these 'buggy' BIOSes.
That is why E2B uses the .imgPTN scheme - so that you can boot on 99% of all systems including those with this annoying bug.
Also, the E2B .imgPTN scheme means you can Secure Boot and boot from a wide variety of payloads (linux, Windows, KonBoot, memtest, etc.) all from the one USB drive.
If you want to spend some money, try the IODD USB HDD enclosure