Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 19/12/2018

By Rick Vansloneker

Subject ISO contiguous issues

Hello again. I've set up another E2B stick. No background image issues this time!

But what is giving me a hard time is the ISO contiguous thing. For testing and demonstrations I made a 16GB Lexar USB3 stick with several flavors of Linux, like Fedora, Xubuntu, Manjaro etc.
After I loaded the ISOs I ran the make contiguous file and got an error there was not enough free space to make several files discontiguous. At this point there was about 2GB free. I started deleting some ISOs but the error would persist.

Finally, I removed all but one ISO, then could make that contiguous. Then I added ISOs one by one, each time running the make contiguous process.

I have about 5GB left and thinking about what would fit the idea of the stick I downloaded openSuse first to a harddisk. This image is 3.9GB large and I fear it can not be made contiguous if I copy it to the stick, and I would have wasted 4GB of the lifetime of the stick.

I do not exactly understand the purpose of the making contiguous process. I learned, fragmentation is no issue on flash memory, and even to be avoided.

When I write a single ISO to a single stick, there is never a problem with dis-contiguousness.