Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 19/12/2018

By SteveSi

Subject Re: ISO contiguous issues

The file is required to be contiguous because E2B uses it as a partition and actually writes the start address of the file to the USB stick's partition table. Linux will then see the ISO as a partition and so can easily access the files inside the ISO. Partitions cannot be fragmented - they start at sector X and finish at sector Y in one contiguous block. So the ISO must be contiguous.
See for more info.
You need to realise that WinContig needs a contiguous block of free space in order to move the ISO and make it contiguous. I use Defraggler to consolidate the free space on the drive if the free space starts to get fragmented.
P.S. As I say on this site, 16GB is really the minimum size for a multiboot drive - because you need at least 4GB of consolidated free space to make a 4GB file contiguous. So Use the Action - Advanced - Defrag Freespace option in Defraggler and then copy on your last file.
P.S. NEVER download files DIRECTLY to your USB drive from your browser - it usually makes the file fragmented, even if there was enough contiguous free space on the USB drive, because it opens up several 'streams' when downloading the file.