Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 19/01/2019

By C.F.

Subject How to restore E2B partition after switching to .imgPTN file

So far the only thing I didn't accomplish, using E2B is, to switch back to the regular Legacy Boot menu after booting a payload via an imgPTN file. (I know, this is not the right place for support, but as I hope I am only to stupid / blind to find the hint and you can help me with one link I didnt find so far, I ask it here:
I boot a payload via ImgPTN, but not in UEFI but in CSM Mode.
1. I boot in the regular E2B menu, chose the .imgPTN payload and the MBR gets overwritten (-> the partitions switched)
2. I boot the payload (also in CSM Mode) and use it, so far it works like you describe in the corresponding instruction.
3. How do I flip the partitions back now (to get back to the regular E2B menu) without the need to boot a windows and use the .exe ? In your article about the use of imgPTN files you write, that after I booted the stick in UEFI-Mode to boot the payload I will get an simple menu with the option to switch back the partitions if I boot the stick in legacy / csm mode again. This doesn't work for me since I boot the payload again immediately when I boot the stick in csm / legacy mode. That is logically because the Bios / UEFI only sees this one partition after the partition swap. Does this mean, its impossible to switch back the partition table without a working windows-pc or am I just to stupid to understand, how it works ?

However, I can totally live with this limitation since I mostly use payloads that doesn't need the imgPTN trick to work, I just wondered if I've missed the trick of switching back.