Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 19/01/2019

By C.F.

Subject Re: Re: How to restore E2B partition after switching to .imgPTN file

In fact the only tool I would want to use on daily basis would be rescatux (by the creator[s]) of the SuperGrubDisk. Since that is based on a linux live system, the bash file should work. I will try that.
I've read the page about using grub2 instead of grub4dos, but because of the drawbacks (and because of the fact that I wouldnt consider myself as an "expert" in terms of booting) I didnt try it so far.
Thank you for the fast response.
Also I tried to boot the switch-back-menu again on a much older laptop - and it works. It seems to be a problem with my current device (Acer Travelmate x349). Do you have any other advice considering the UEFI-Settings except Secure-Boot=Off, Fastboot=Off, Legacy-Boot/CSM=On that might help me to use the switch-back-menu on my laptop ?