Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 10/02/2019

By Batfink

Subject Neater Menu

I've been using Grub4dos for a long time and I've set up my menu with all the things i use the most at the top of the screen (HDSentinel for dos and then a space) and then after the space i have Cloning Software clumped together like Acronis,Paragon etc..These arent in sub menu's, they are launched directly from the main menu.
Then I have another space and after that i have partitioning tools, once again Acronis,Paragon etc.
Then another space and after that portable OS's , Hirens Windows 7,Gandalfs Windows 8 & 10 etc.
Then another space and finally under that i have submenus of the things i don't use as often.
Its just there is sooooo much information I'm having trouble coming to grips if i can move out the default menu's completely, Insert my top options and add a line in between the different genres of programs.
I took some quick pictures of what I'm trying to achieve but there's nowhere to post them unfortunately.
Is there anywhere i can download peoples e2b config files or even whole iso images of usb sticks that i can go through and see how they've done it...Thats originally how i learnt on grub4dos...pulling apart somebody else's work, making changes and seeing what it did, seeing what changed.
Is there a place you use to host a couple of pictures to show you what i mean ?