Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 16/02/2019

By Batfink

Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Neater Menu

You're hurting my brain ;)
Your beta worked perfectly, I upgraded it directly over the USB stick.
I'm actually pretty bland when it comes to this stuff, I don't need a backdrop at all, or a logo..just a surrounding box is good enough...It's a tool, not a Picasso :)
I don't even need a help menu, Its for me, I know what everything does since I made it, The more i can fit on the screen the better.
That being said, I do like a menu thats easy to see, Easy to tell whats selected so i have a couple of questions.
1. In the Imgur pictures i posted you'll notice the text is white unless selected and then a large white selection over it highlites it and makes the text under it black..nice and easy to see...Can that be done ?
2. Also the RETURN TO PREVIOUS MENU (F8), is that location set in stone, can it be moved to the top of the sub menu's and be the default item selected and set apart with a space so if you're looking for something and went to the wrong menu you can just press enter to go back.
3.Is there a way to actually completely remove the help ...I did move it down totally off the screen but for the built in items (MENU REFRESH) like shown in the picture it still shows up in the default place.
4.Can i move the to maybe the top of the main menu where it shows the version number.
Hahaha, So many questions, so little time..I'm appreciative of all the help you've given me so far.
After this I'm going to used my applied knowledge to try and make a UEFI one, I'm sorely in need of one of those.