Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 03/03/2019

By Harold Robinson

Subject Re: Re: Re: XP wiping out boot record on E2B flash drive

Steve: >It sounds like the first hard disk in the system is not the disk you are installing XP onto? It needs to be the first hard disk (if you boot to E2B - Utilities and use List BIOS Disks - it should list hd1 as the SSD drive).
Do you have both an internal IDE controller enabled in the BIOS and the SATA card? If so disable all controllers and disks except for the SATA card and SSD."

Yes I did have the IDE controller enabled. As of this posting it is Disabled (both controllers)

I ran List Bios disks and here is what came out:
(fd3): Volume name is "(unsupported)".
Filesstem type is fat12, using whole disk
(hd0,0): Volume name is "E2B"
File System type is ntfs, partition type 0x07
(hd0,1): Volume name is "PTN2"
file system type is fat12 partition type is 0x21
drive 0x80(LBA): C/H/S=1885/255/63. sector count/size=30282525/512
Partition num: 0, active, filesystem type is ntfs, partition type 0x07
Partition num: 1, filesystem type is fat12, partition type 0x21

Contents of (hd0,0) E2B
{looks like it lists some files}
Contents of (hd0,1) PTN2
System\ Volume\ Information
Press a key for current drive map...
floppies_orig=1, Harddrives_orig=2, floppies_curr=0, harddrives_curr=2
Number of atapi CD-ROMs: 0
ram_drive=0x7f, rd_base=0x3FFAF000, rd_size=0x13000
Fr To Hm Sm To_c _H _S Start_Sector Sector _Count DHR
03 ff 00 88 8882 FE 3F 00000000001FFE40 0000000000000140 M=R
After waiting for 10 minutes, I pressed a key and it returned to the utilities menu.