Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 04/03/2019

By SteveSi

Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: XP wiping out boot record on E2B flash drive

So does the E2B Utilities - List BIOS disks menu option list hd0 as the USB drive and hd1 as the SSD?

The issue here is that the BIOS must see the SSD.
Of course XP Setup can see the SSD because it loads the driver for it. But in order to boot from the SSD, the BIOS must be able to see it.

The boot code is transferred to the internal hard disk at the end of the copy files stage. So pulling out the USB drive just means that it cannot write the boot code and files to the USB drive (if it was going to). XP Setup will want to update the boot code on the 'boot' drive and E2B takes steps to ensure this happens by changing hdd0 to be the internal hdd instead of hd1.
For instance, if you run Step 1 and then allow it to reboot from the SSD, it should boot OK (it will fail later with an 'asms not found' error - but at least it will boot).
So your 'objective' is to run Step 1, when it starts the 10 second timer to reboot at the end - pull out the USB drive and allow it to boot to the SSD. If it does not boot - then Setup has gone wrong.
Once it does boot from the SSD, you can reboot and run Step 2 (which should then also work) and complete the install.
P.S. Make sure you use the F8 boot selection pop-up menu when booting to E2B - do NOT set the USB drive as the first boot device in the BIOS Settings menu.
If you do spoil your E2B drive, you should be able to fix it by running RMPrepUSB - Install grub4dos twice, once for MBR and once for PBR.