Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 04/03/2019

By SteveSi

Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: XP wiping out boot record on E2B flash drive

Thanks for the clarification. So if E2B does not list the SSD SATA drive as a BIOS drive then installing XP from the E2B drive is not going to work.
BUT I don't understand why E2B does not warn you that it cannot see an internal hard disk when you boot to E2B??? If E2B does not detect an hd1 (the first internal hard disk) you should see that coloured warning text???

What should happen is that after switch-on, POST should run, it should add its Option ROM code into the BIOS and detect SATA drive, then it should allow you to boot from USB or from the SATA drive or go into the BIOS and see the SATA drive listed.
According to the SIL website, if you are not using RAID, you should update the firmware on the SIL card to use the 'IDE' base 'b' version of the firmware. Maybe this will help?
Do you still say that you can install XP from CD (with the only drive being the SSD drive) and it boots to XP OK? I am not quite sure how it could do that!
P.S. Update firmware+manual is here!AqlrQcdsFA-KsQhnt96X0lkfYfFs
Extract the files to the root of your E2B drive, boot to E2B and run DOS menu - boot to FreeDOS - choose default NTFS option to get to C: prompt. Now you can type UpdFlash and load the b5403.bin file (r is for RAID version).
Here is an excellent post from someone who seems to know where his towel is...