Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 08/03/2019

By mac

Subject Re: Re: How do I install W7 & W10, as Dual-Boot OS's?

Hi Steve,
Many thanks for your reply, seems like a great website!
I'm new to these problems, so I have a few queries & questions:
Q1: Firstly, I was told that installing W7 & W10 with UEFI enabled in my BIOS
would 'Cause Problems' because W7 was developed B4 UEFI ?
Q2: Also, Do I need UEFI enabled in my BIOS ?
Q3: What exactly do I need to 'SET' in my BIOS ?
And in your reply you said...
First convert each ISO to a .imgPTN file
(Q4: How do I do that? *)
...and add the two files to the E2B drive.
Then UEFI-boot from the Win7 x64 .imgPTN file (after switching it in)
(Q5: * after switching it in * So how do I do that ?)
...and install Win7.
...Also note that Win7 is very old and does not contain drivers for USB 3 -
so you may have problems installing Win7 from a USB drive!
(Q6: * Win7 does not contain USB 3 drivers * So can I use USB2 ?)
...or you could always read my eBook... ;-)
(Q7: Does that explain everything in more detail ? If so where's the link ? )
Many thanks