Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 20/03/2019

By Carlos

Subject Cannot boot Linux ISOs with persistence.

Hello! I've been trying to boot Linux ISOs (Xubuntu 16.04.3 i386 and KDE Neon amd64 in particular) with persistence, but i get an error message that says that the persistence file was not found.

I'm running the latest E2B release, 1.A9 and using an edited ubuntu-13.04-desktop-i386_Persistent.mnu file from the sample mnu files folder where i changed the ISO and persistence file paths accordingly.

I created a 1024 MB persistence file using Make_Ext.exe at the root of my flash drive, named it "neon-rw" for KDE Neon but while trying to boot it says the neon-rw persistence file was not found. I even tryed moving the neon-rw file inside the MNU folder and changing the set PF line to set PF=$HOME$/neon-rw, but it still said persistence file was not found.

The ISO files are detected fine, before showing the error message, it says the file system is joliet. Also, both ISO files boot fine without persistence. My flash drive is formatted NTFS.