Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 19/05/2019

By Batfink

Subject Space after Subdirectories

I've been beavering away at this for ages, modding PE Windows, 7Zip compressing executables etc and I'm finally close to finishing the Legacy version (haha haven't even started the UEFI version), But for the life of me I can't figure out if there is a way to put a space after a Sub Dir, especially between the F8 to rebuild the main menu...I know I can turn it off, but i actually want to keep it.
Menu's 23,24,25 & 26 are sub menu's, is there a way to put a space between Menu 26 and the F8 menu below it.
Many Thanks for making such a great menu system, I've been able to get things to work that I've never had working before.