Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 19/05/2019

By SteveSi

Subject Re: Space after Subdirectories

The submenus and the F7-F10 menu entries are all in one .mnu file (\_ISO\MAINMENU\ZZSubMenuAll.mnu).
Now you can change the name of this file (so it is not overwritten by any future update) and edit it to add a blank menu entry before the F8 entry.
If you do run 'Update E2B' on the drive in the future, the update script will detect that you have renamed the ZZSubmenu.mnu file (because there wasn't one!) and ask if you want to delete the new copy that it has just added.
The other alternative would be to suppress the F8 menu entry and simply add you own ZZTF8.mnu file which has the same F8 menu code in it as used in ZZSubMenu.mnu.
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