Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 25/05/2019

By Krauter_German

Subject Re: Re: Multiple partitions

Hello, Maybe I have expressed myself inaccurately by the bad English. I have 2 Windows 10 PC and a Windows 7 PC. The USB stick with Easy2boot v 1.89 and visible data partition can boot on the Windows 7 PC, Easy2boot and I can use Acronis, Aomei, Easeus or other software, all imgPTNAUTO files.
The Windows 7 install imgPTNAUTO will start to select the partition selection for the installation, then I canceled.
I can later gladly install for testing on other SSD completely.
If I use another USB stick with Easy2boot v 1.B0A on the Windows 7 PC with visible data partition, Acronis, Aomei ... imgPTNAUTO in the main menu can not be executed.
root ()> nul
ERROR 22: ( No such partition
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