Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 28/05/2019

By Batfink

Subject UEFI

Wow, Ok, So i had visions of sugar plums dancing in my UEFI menu, Launching Windows10 Pe's of my making, Modified Pe's, UEFI friendy password changers, UEFI friendly cloning software etc.
Not so Huh ;)
It's very picky, I've even tried cheating and extracting ISO's, renaming the UEFI payloads and booting them extracted and compressed and it's given me no love.
You're almost better off making a huge UEFI capable windows 10PE with every portable tool you can think of (Which I've done on the MBR one and can just burn as UEFI).
Not a criticism, just sharing what I've discovered, I definitely appreciate what you've built here.
I think the only thing I'll miss in a Windows 10PE is MEMtestX86, I know it can be booted as UEFI, but having it as a boot option prior to the Windows 10PE UEFI booting is still eluding me (Not a question, just a ponder) hmmm