Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 28/05/2019

By SteveSi

Subject Re: UEFI

There is no multiboot UEFI menu unless you use the E2B grub2 menu system which is limited.
Except for grub2 and syslinux-EFI with some linux ISOs (which are limited in what they can do), EFI booting requires the files to be in a 'flat-file' structure. This means you cannot have two OS's with the same files/directories on the same partition.
The E2B grub2 menu will let you have multiple PEs and linux's in a large menu, but you basically have to hand-craft each menu entry. There is no simple automatic or even semi-automatic way.
WinSetupFromUSB may be a better option for UEFI for you (mainly Windows-based source files) but it is limited too.
The MBR CSM menu can be customized and have animations, etc. using grub4dos commands and you can put the mods in the CUSTOM folder so that any new .imgPTN file you make will look the same.
The latest UEFI eBook #3 describes how you can add MemTest86 (or most other EFI small payloads) into your main UEFI .imgPTN file and includes URLs to ready-made UEFI files.
The .imgPTN solution allows you to Secure Boot from any signed UEFI payload or from a very wide range of other UEFI payloads (just not all from the same menu at the same time).
By adding a 2nd FAT32 partition containing a UEFI-bootable WinPE (see UEFI eBook #3 which includes download URLs for required WinPE files) you can boot on a pure UEFI system and choose any .imgPTN file that you want to boot to.
P.S. Latest BETA files in Alternate Download Area have improved E2B_Editor and MakePartImage CSM menu functions (see Change History for details).