Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 28/05/2019

By Batfink

Subject Re: Re: UEFI

That's actually what I've done as an experiment .. The dual partition usb stick.. *sigh*, I suppose I could use it primarily for mbr like the pictures I've shown you, replicating that to a new dual partition stick isn't a problem and then keep MEMTESTX86 and a few other maybe useful apps that are on the excel list in the efi partition... But ultimately as you said the items on the Excel list have limited functionality depending on your needs... Looking at the list there's almost nothing there I can't do on a UEFI secure boot enabled Windows 10pe.
Ultimately I was going to use two usb sticks anyway, even though your dual partition supports mbr grub I was going to ignore it and have one for mbr and one for uefi.
I know I can do the whole change a single file to imgptn, boot from it and then change it back, but by then I could have booted a winpe environment in the same length of time it takes to change it to imgptn and back again.
Just out of curiosity, which of the Linux uefi payloads on the list contains a MEMTESTX86 option in its menu before it boots the Linux.