Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 02/06/2019

By Krauter_German

Subject 137GB BAD BIOS BUG

I use a Sandisk Extreme Pro 256GB. The first partition NTFS 114Gb for E2B_v1.B2b and a second primary partition NTFS 123GB for data.
1. Dell Workstation T3500 with Windows 7. Data partition visible to Windows 7. Boots from E2B without problems.
2. PC with Asus P6T SE socket 1366 and Windows 7. Data partition visible for Windows 7. Booting E2B with Note: e2b.cfg is corrupt or missing, enter. Note: BIOS Bad (possible 137GB BIOS limt?). Warning: THIS BIOS MAY HAVE PROBLEMS ACCESSING SOME FILES ON THIS DRIVE!
Then the option click U and load USB 2 driver (something like that), then the E2B menu appears.
The first partition for E2B has significantly less than 137GB and still this error appears. Can one ignore this message or do some files not work?
Before I had E2B partition 100GB and data partition 137GB.
RMPrep CTRL-O-2 makes data partition visible but under Windows 7 E2B partition was still visible.