Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 02/06/2019

By SteveSi

Subject Re: 137GB BAD BIOS BUG

If you load the USB driver (U) OK, then there will be no problem.
If no USB driver, then you will not be able to access files past 128GB on the drive. So E2B\grub4dos will not be able to access some files on the 2nd partition using the BIOS (no problem once booted to Windows). So in your case you can ignore the message.
E2B does not know if you have ISOs etc. on 2nd partition.
But the e2b.cfg file is corrupt or missing message is a bit worrying... not sure why you see that!
Can you use RMPrepUSB - Drive Info - 0 to view partition table - maybe you have accidentally installed E2B to the last partition?