Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 04/06/2019

By Dick

Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New Version 1.b1 and Acronis

Booted new flash drive created with V1.A9. Boots ok.
Ran Qemu and Acronis loads.
Rebooted 1.A9 flash drive again and selected Acronis to load - loads ok.
Used 1.B1 to update same flash drive.
Booted 1.B1 flash - boots ok.
Tried to load Acronis - just hangs.
Rebooted 1.B1 flash and loaded Kyhi Rescure with no issues - loads ok.
Downgraded same flash drive to 1.A1.
Booted 1.A1 flash - boots ok.
Loaded Acronis - loads ok.
Did not run FakeFlashTest as drive appears ok.