Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 10/06/2019

By SteveSi

Subject Re: Dualboot with PE Files on E2B_PTN2

Well if the 2nd partition is NTFS then you wont be able to UEFI-boot to WinPE immediately. Also, if you add refind to the images you wont be able to secure boot. If you use .imgPTNSWPEFAT32 file then you can UEFI secure boot but you will have to switch it in.
Another solution is to have 3 ptns. NTFS,FAT32,NTFS. With FAT32 holding WinPE files. The problem with this is that you cant use Legacy booting of Linux ISOs with persistence because the 3rd partition is in use (but you could convert the linux to a .imgPTN file and use a 2nd image file as the persistence partition).
This is all explained in my eBook #3 - Chapter 9 ;-)