Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 13/06/2019

By SemperCoitus

Subject Re: Re: Windows Install Menu Not Showing Up

I am using a SanDisk 256gb extreme 3.1 drive with a single NTFS partition. I have deleted all of the folders that I do not put ISOs in. The only folders left in the "Windows" directory are:
SVR2012 with 1 ISO
SVR2016 with 1 ISO
SVR2019 with 0 ISOs because I deleted it while testing.
Win7 with 2 ISOs
Win10 With 3 ISOs

I see where you're going with the deleted folders, but I also deleted the XP folder and it was showing up when counting ISOs. I tried v1b1 - 1b2d_beta with no luck. I'll try 1b2e1 and let you know. Also, is there a way to either remove the box around the menu, or make it clear?
Thank you