Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 15/06/2019

By Krauter_German

Subject Re: Re: Acronis Backup

Ptn1: E2B NTFS (16-128GB)
Ptn2: for images NTFS (rest of drive).
Then convert the Acronis ISO to a .imgPTN23AUTO file.
Put all your backup images on partition 2.
It also works with a Removable USB drive.
Tested on 3 PC, on 1 PC the images are not recognized.
In the alternative, I have inserted the images in the .imgPTNAUTO, they are recognized on all 3 PC. I will test if it is installed correctly in this variant. Then I think this is the more compatible option. Unfortunately a little more complicated.
Maybe it would be possible in the MPI Tool Pack to include an option to integrate additional folders.