Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 16/06/2019

By Krauter_German

Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: Acronis Backup

it was MBR booting.
But the PC on which the backup images were not found: it was the data partition that was visible to Windows. That is, on all three PCs, the E2B partition for Windows must be visible, otherwise it will not work on all 3 PC, which can be accessed in Acronis on the data partition.
With Windows 10 it is no problem if the EB2 partition is visible, because I still have access to the data partition.
With Windows 7 I want to access the data partition and boot E2B. Therefore, for me the solution of a .imgPTNAUTO file with integrated image of a pre-installation would be the max. 15GB is supported and UEFI (FAT32), the better choice.
For permanent backups, a USB Hard Drive is the better choice.